Safety First

June is National Safety Month, and here at Stanion Wholesale Electric, we put a little extra emphasis on our safety protocols. Each month, the company has at least one safety training topic. Each employee completes a short safety training course online, and sometimes there are hands-on safety modules. For instance, employees will practice how to properly and safely use a wire cutting machine, change a propane tank, or climb up and down a ladder. Employees are required to complete hands-on trainings that are relevant to their individual positions. They are also required to complete monthly online renewal trainings for standard topics that apply to our company.


Although we spend some time each month focusing on safety, each June we put an extra emphasis on safety and why it’s important to us. Each branch and the corporate office had a “safety celebration,” where the company supplied food for all employees. It was the company’s way of thanking all of our employees for making Stanion a safe place to go to work every day. It does take a little time and a little effort, but it’s worth it.

Cara King is the main person our employees deal with when it comes to safety. Cara has been at the corporate office for nearly a year and a half, but it only took a short time for her to take her role as the safety manager by the horns. She organizes and maintains all of the company’s online and physical safety records, and she is the first point of contact whenever an employee has an issue or a question regarding safety. Cara takes her role very seriously, as she knows that having a safe workplace is a top priority for this company. Thank you to Cara for all of her hard work and for helping keep all of us safe!woman-gdc5857c9f_1280
And a tip of the hard hat to all of our employees. Thank you for spending some time each day to make this a safe place to work. One of our daily goals is to have a clean, well-lit facility for our employees, customers, and vendors to use. We have AEDs and first aid kits in all of our locations. Each of our 17 branches, as well as the corporate office, has at least one employee certified in CPR and first aid. Some locations have multiple people certified. Thank you to everyone who shows up each day and, along with their duties as employees, also watches over the facilities and watches out for one another.

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