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Do you speak CISA?

Cybersecurity is a growing concern in our nation. So much so that the Department of Homeland Security has an entire division devoted to cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). CISA was created to reduce cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure vulnerabilities in the U.S. The organization works with businesses, communities and governments to bolster the country’s defenses in key sectors, making them more resilient to cyber and physical threats.

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Are You Ready to Start Your Cybersecurity Journey?

cybersecurityBannerGrowing Threat

Recently, there has been a growing number of cybersecurity incidents on an international scale. No one is immune, and the question is not “if” you will be attacked, but “when.” Some may already be affected and not even know it. Hackers may not single you out because of the size or your company, or even the industry you are in. You may be under attack just because someone at your facility clicked on a malicious link in an email, or just because you have a checkbook. Let's face it, if someone shut down your system, you are not prepared for it, and you are faced with the options of paying the ransom, rebuilding everything from scratch, or closing down, then you will probably just pay the ransom.

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