Converting from HID to LED has Never Been Easier!

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Just like music and fashion, all good things come full circle. We change to improve what we already have, and sometimes we change just for the sake of change. Sometimes this journey takes us back to where we started, but with a greater appreciation for what we already had. From the A19 incandescent, to compact fluorescent, to the LED equivalent of everything, the look of the lamp became stranger every year. Interesting but not attractive. The new CorePro Glass LED HID lamp is another example of the industry moving back to the familiar, to what worked, yet maintaining all the advancements in performance without the visual distractions of its successor, the LED HID equivalent corn cob.

The CorePro Glass LED HID lamps offer an easy and short payback solution to replace High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. The unique High-Power LED filament technology in a full glass bulb makes this possible. The result is superior light quality and uniformity. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, as well as both enclosed and open fixtures. These unique LED HID lamp fit perfectly on a public roadway or in an industrial building such as a warehouse. This versatility of this product is unmatched.

What is even more exciting is the energy efficiency and long-life benefits that we have come to love about LED are now replicated in this HID replacement. Not only are higher quality and less maintenance added benefits, but savings are a huge component of the Glass lamps. Instant savings from a low initial investment is a guarantee. Simply remove the ballast and install these lamps for a hassle-free experience. The transition from HID to LED has never been more affordable.

From a design perspective, there is now a product where the traditional look of an HID lamp is preferred without the typical LED Diodes of a Corn Cob replacement. The Glass lamps provide that solution. The Frosted Glass design ensure the same look and feel. Corn Cobs and High/Low Bays are now no longer the only option when converting to LED.

Whether a new project is beginning, or shelves need to be stocked, the new CorePro Glass LED HID lamps are the perfect solution where upgrading to LED is a must, while still holding the same appearance that we’ve come to appreciate about traditional HID lamps. The dependability and trustworthiness that is expected with the Philips brand is always a guarantee!

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