Increase Productivity When Installing Workpieces

Stanion Wholesale is a full line iToolco solutions provider. Invented by electricians for electricians iTOOLco improves the work lives of professional electricians and contractors through innovative products.  allj1-1
“When our customers told us they wanted to increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue when installing pipe and lighting, we took it as a challenge to set a new industry standard,” said David Jordan, President at iTOOLco. “True to form at iTOOLco, we invented the All Jack to speed real world jobsite installations. Having the ability to hold equipment in place with minimal physical exertion is a real game changer for electricians, plumbers, HVAC installers, and other professionals on construction jobs.”


The All Jack is designed to increase productivity and decrease fatigue when installing materials such as pipe, lights, cabinets, drywall, temporary dust barriers and much more by holding workpieces in place while the professional completes the installation.  With an industrial gas shock operation for quick one-handed lifts up to 20 pounds, the All Jack delivers a snug, stable support that stays in place as the installation is completed. Once the workpiece is secured into place, the All Jack is removed easily with the hand-release lever.


The All Jack is just one of the many quality, time-saving tools electricians really need that are available from iToolco at your local Stanion Wholesale Electric Company. 

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